Deposit Agreement 

Becky Godbey 
Magic Hour Poodles 

184 F. Rogers Ln 
Dixon, Ky 42409 


The Seller, BECKY GODBEY, MAGIC HOUR POODLES, hereby accepts a deposit of $500.00  
applicable to the purchase price of a ___________________  companion 
Standard Poodle Puppy.                        (Male or Female)          

By executing this agreement, the buyer acknowledges that this  agreement contains the entire agreement for this reservation.  This deposit is not refundable, as once a deposit is made, the seller is obligated to hold the puppy for the buyer and will turn down all other inquiries for a home for the puppy. This  deposit is refundable only if the desired specified puppy is not available from  this litter, or the buyer may choose to leave the deposit in place for a future  breeding.   A separate  purchase agreement will be issued at the time the puppy is ready to go to its  new home, outlining all terms of ownership. 

The balance of the total purchase price will be due prior to the puppy leaving (less the $500.00 deposit); payable by cash or money order only, if paid at the time possession is taken.   Checks are acceptable with time for clearance prior to puppy pickup date. 

All puppies will be registered with AKC.  ALL puppies’ registered names will begin with a kennel prefix of  MAGIC HOUR. 

 I understand that companion pet puppies are sold under a spay/neuter agreement with limited registration.    

  I have read the above agreement and agree to its terms. 

 SIGNATURE:   ______________________________________________________ 

 NAME:    ___________________________________________________________ 

 ADDRESS:    _______________________________________________________ 
City:   ___________________     State:  ___________    Zip Code:  _____________ 

 PHONE: (home) ________________________ (cell) _________________________  
 EMAIL:   ______________________________________________   
 Date:  ________________________________________________