Magic Hour's Written in the Stars

Nyota 9/22/2018

In 2016 I visited a breeder a few hours away and met a lovely daughter of her import Somanic Dot Dot Dash.  I wanted her, I loved her!  But the timing was bad for adding another girl to my home.  Thankfully that lovely girl landed in a wonderful home with a breeder friend of mine.  Years later she allowed me to lease Ms. Willow.  It was meant to be and my Fates were the result.  Nyota is maturing into the girl of my dreams. She has an amazing forgiving temperament, even recovering quickly from a grooming table breaking under her at a dog show.  She happily walks toys around the house, same as her father Rod, walls me in with toys as we watch T.V. together, nibbles my nose as I snuggle her, and generally has a great time! Nyota's Pedigree/OFFA Page